Summer is here!

We are just a few days into summer and the start of Camp Chamisall is just around the corner.

This Saturday we are hosting a Family Fun Day from 10am to 2pm. Click here for more details: Family Fun Day. We'd love to see you out!

Renovations, no one said they would be easy, and when it comes to renovations at camp, they are just that much more challenging. We have been able to complete changes to the ladies’ side of the wash house, but have had to hold off on changes to the kitchen as we need it functional for the summer. We started planning it out and the number of changes that we would have had to make just couldn’t get down in time. We’ll get going on them in the fall.

July 1st, our first week of camp starts and we are extremely encouraged by the number of volunteers that have stepped forward this year to server. We have no critical staff shortages for any of the eight weeks of camp, for which we praise God. We do still have space in many of the weeks, so its not too late to send a student to camp.

We are looking forward to what God has in store for all this summer!

Enjoy your summer!